Why am I blogging?

Love is the way forward
Love is the way forward

I am an author, a speaker, a modern day alchemist, and a facilitator of change.  Some might call me a Sage, but I’m just human. I make mistakes, I laugh, I dance, I procrastinate and I socialise.  This is the diary of a Conscious Woman – by that, I mean spiritually awake and aware.

It’s time to get my ideas out there.

I hold a vision of a world which is fair:  One which is based on compassion, love and respect for others, our planet and all living things. I see community, sharing and forgiveness as central to this vision. We can only share and work properly in a community if we are able to forgive and have compassion.  Compassion means ‘with suffering.’  We need to be with the suffering of ourselves and others so that we can listen to all points of view without judgement.  To do that, we need to grow up!  That means, we need to leave behind the old programming of childhood – the wounding, the traumas, the pain.  We need to heal and move beyond the ego’s fragile nature.  We need to live our true Divine Nature and our Highest Soul Purpose.  We need to return to innocence – not naivety, but a pristine state of being.  A pure creative, receptive state.

In short, we need to awaken to a Higher Reality, to our own individual Greatness, to our Purpose in life, so that we can begin to create purposefully.  As we play our part in the whole, we begin to heal, to grow and to flourish as the one body of humanity.

Why me?  By what authority?

I have a background in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and healing, and a former career in public relations. I was born in Hampshire, England and lived for over 25 years in London before moving to Cape Town, South Africa.

I was a professional psychotherapist for 15 years, including 3 years in Harley Street, London.

Since 1994, I have studied spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric teachings and explored different spiritual techniques – from meditation to yoga and from chanting to prayer.

I have facilitated and taught personal and spiritual development courses, including meditation, using your intuition to create your soul purpose, healing, dowsing, sacred geometry, space clearing, A Course in Miracles, TruthYoga (a return to yoga as a spiritual practice) and FreedomDance, a free-form conscious shamanic trance dance.

I currently facilitate a study group for The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch (R) (Dr JJ Hurtak, 1973 – http://www.keysofenoch.org), which I have been studying since 2007.

I write and speak publicly – teaching what I have learnt through stories and talks.

Find out more at  www.bridgetfinklaire.com

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