It may not have escaped your notice that you haven’t heard from me in a very long time.  I’ve been cocooned in a period of transformation, and am about to rise, phoenix-like, from the ashes.

For the past couple of years I’ve had a lot on my plate.  My body decided it was time to go through the great rite of passage we call the menopause.  I now understand why it was once called “the change.”  At the same time, I was guided to buy a beautiful piece of land overlooking the ocean and work with an architect and builders to create a stunning new home.   I hit a perfect storm of adrenal fatigue, the stress of a huge building project and the Heroine’s Journey which is what the menopause can be – read Maureen Murdock’s book if you want to know more about the journey women must take to reclaim their true selves.

So it’s been a busy time of dealing with builders and snags and boxes and structural engineers, as well as going within to examine the internal structures of who I am in the world.

All that is coming to an end!  I’m more or less over burn-out, more or less over menopause, and I’m now emerging from the chrysalis.

The re-write of the first three chapters of my book have been accepted by my UK publisher and I’m in the process of a huge re-write of the entire novel, which is set in London.

I’m about to work with a small group of women, taking them through an incredible, life-changing training.  If you live in the Cape and want to know more, please contact me asap.  

Wishing you all Love, Light, Blessings and a beautiful day.  
Much Love,
Bridget x

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