Make a change to your plastic consumption

As we grow in awareness and expand our consciousness, we must learn to become conscious consumers. Where are you going to put your money? Smooch it in the direction of sustainability and you grown that sector. Nice Blog, Mark.


Much like a lot of people I know, I had never thought for too long about the problem of plastic waste disposal. I knew that plastic was “bad for the environment”, and if the topic of conversation surfaced I would timidly argue that we must reduce our waste, but it was not of real concern to me. All of that changed the other day, and I woke up from my indifference to face the true magnitude of our plastic problem.

I was clearing a garden in a small town in Colombia, weeding and taking out the unwanted plants to leave a mound of disused soil that could be used for the vegetable beds. To make it fit for the plants, we sifted the soil through an over-sized colander, to remove any unwanted bits and pieces. What we found was astounding. In one square metre of soil we extracted about 10kg…

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